Syllabus / Assignments

Click here to download the full syllabus.

Important Dates FALL 2019:

Weekday classes begin: August 27th
End of Fall Semester: December 20th
Last day to add a course: September 2
Last day to file for elective course Pass/Fail: September 5
Last day to withdraw from the course with a W (non-penalty) grade: November 5

The full academic calendar, including many other important dates, and the undergraduate final exam “grid” are available on the Office of the Registrar’s website.

Assignments & Papers

Audio/Interview & Short Paper

We’ll discuss in class what is an ethnographic and ethnographic interviewing. Afterwards, students will conduct a short interview (5minutes) to someone from Guatemala or Cuba, or Guatemalan/Cuban descent. You will write a short paper (3pg long) based on your findings, and class readings.

Sept 12: Before noon, Submit Ethnographic Questions for the Interview
September 24th: Submit Audio Interview
Sept 26th: In Groups Share Findings and Short Paper Outline
Oct 1: Submit Short Paper via BB

Podcast Toolbox
What Makes a Good Interview
Checklist for Field Recording


Oct 17: Classroom Debate (Instructions on Blackboard and in Class)


Oct 31st: Submit 3 suggestions for Historical Event (via Email)
Nov 14: Submit Timeline

Choose a historical event discussed in class, and identify events ten years prior and events caused 10 years after. The historical event has to be discussed and approved by the instructor before starting to work on this assignment.

Knight Lab Timeline Tool
Timeline video tutorial

September 3 & 10
December 12

At the beginning and end of the semester, students will have an opportunity to get extra points for doing a close reading of a text using Students will learn how to use the software in the classroom.

Get Started Animated Intro
Perspectives on Annotation

Films Evaluations (Analysis Sheets) & Pop Quizzes

These evaluations will count as bonus. You will find the analysis sheet on blackboard, which you can download and handed it either after we watch a film in class or the day after you see the film on your own.

Final Paper

Due Date: December 17

Submit via Blackboard.

Writing Center*