Course Requirements (based on a scale):

Attendance and Participation: 20%
Readings Presentations: 15%
Short Interview/ Short Paper: 15%
Assignments: 20%
[Students will be given 2 assignments (debate, timeline) as a way of building their understanding of information raised in their formal readings]
Final Paper: 30%

Class Attendance and Participation

Class attendance is mandatory and active participation is part of your grade. There will be individual and group assignments to be completed in class that will be part of your participation grade. Students will be expected to attend classes and arrive on time to take full advantage of the learning process. Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each class, and students should be mindful that late arrivals disrupt the class. Students with more than 1 unexcused absence will receive a ½-point grade deduction from the attendance/participation portion of their final grade. Students must inform the professor ahead of time about class(es) that will be missed and bring in proof of other engagement the following class. Students are expected to read all assigned works and to participate in class and group discussions. The use of cell phones and laptops will have a negative impact on your grade if it hinders your class participation. On occasions, the instructor will ask everyone to stop using laptops and phones to pay undivided attention to a specific topic or discussion.

Readings Presentations

Every Tuesday a group of students will present the readings for that week. The groups will be formed in the first two weeks of class. The group will have 15 – 20 minutes to present the main argument of the reading, 2 to 3 supporting arguments, and elaborate questions for the rest of the class. You have to arrive five minutes before class starts to set your powerpoint and/or other media.

Final Paper

For the final paper, you will be asked to compare Cuba and Guatemala through the viewpoint of some of the major themes covered in class. The final paper will be done at home and submitted electronically via Blackboard on the due date.

University’s policy on Academic Integrity:

The faculty and administration of Brooklyn College support an environment free from cheating and plagiarism. Each student is responsible for being aware of what constitutes cheating and plagiarism and for avoiding both. The complete text of the CUNY Academic Integrity Policy and the Brooklyn College procedure for implementing that policy can be found at this site. If a faculty member suspects a violation of academic integrity and, upon investigation, confirms that violation, or if the student admits the violation, the faculty member MUST report the violation.

For Students with Disabilities:

In order to receive disability-related academic accommodations students must first be registered with the Center for Student Disability Services. Students who have a documented disability or suspect they may have a disability are invited to set up an appointment with the Director of the Center for Student Disability Services, Ms. Valerie Stewart-Lovell at 718-951-5538. If you have already registered with the Center for Student Disability Services please provide your professor with the course accommodation form and discuss your specific accommodation with him/her.

Religious Observance and Bereavement:

Please see the Brooklyn College Undergraduate Bulletin in reference to the state law regarding non-attendance because of religious beliefs and bereavement.